kjKeith Janke delivers the opening address at the first ever, ACN Australian Corporate event at the QLD Gold Coast Convention Centre 14th August 2004
kbc-rvpKeith & Colleen Janke
Australian Regional Vice Presidents
First ever to be promoted as Asia Pacific RVP's.  Sydney International Convention September 2005.
  • Keith started his working life as a Carpenter & Joiner.
  • He then completed further studies to become a Manual Arts Teacher.
  • His wife, Colleen is a trained Nurse.
  • After marrying, Keith then did even more study, both part-time and  full-time to become a University Lecturer.
  • Back in 1977 Keith won his first full time Lecturing contract and at the same time was introduced to Network Marketing (NWM) Within three months Keith was earning equivalent income from his new part-time NWM business as his full-time teaching career, which entailed over five years of study and many dollars due to loss of income while studying.  Keith and Colleen then went full time and have been fulltime NWM ever since.
  • During this time Keith & Colleen quickly attained the top position with two different companies by building loyal and successful Teams.
  • Keith & Colleen first saw ACN in mid 2004 and were so impressed that Keith flew to company headquarters to 'check out' the Company and attended an ACN International Training event in Detroit.
  • On arriving back in Australia Keith met with the Australian CEO in Sydney.
  • Although Keith and Colleen had semi-retired to Balranald in country NSW, they have committed to build a successful ACN Team and more importantly to work with their Team Members to help them make their ACN dreams become reality!  

About Keith & Colleen Janke

Keith left school at the end of year 10, to work on the family dairy farm in South East Queensland. A year later at age 16, Keith commenced and then successfully completed a four-year apprenticeship as a Carpenter & Joiner.  Experience included all types of cottage work and some farm outbuildings. During his apprenticeship, Keith was admitted to hospital with a hernia from carrying floorboards on a building site and Colleen was the on duty theatre nurse.

On completion of his apprenticeship, Keith went back to school to become a qualified Manual Arts Teacher. Keith then taught at two Queensland High Schools.  During this time Keith & Colleen married and Keith gained additional teaching experience by moving to Darwin and Tennant Creek.

Cyclone Tracey demolished their new Darwin home in 1974. Keith and Colleen moved to Perth so that Keith could advance his teaching qualifiactions and were living in Perth in a rented home with no telephone, when they first became involved in Network Marketing.  By this time, Keith was teaching at a private high school and a part-time Senior Tutor at the West Australian Institute of Technology, (now Curtin University).  Keith also had a full time lecturing position to start in the following year in a NSW University.

Within three months of joining Swipe Australia, (Keith & Colleen continue to use the products as they are still outstanding even after 30 years) they were earning more money from their part-time network marketing (NWM) business, than Keith was earning in his teaching career that he had spent years of study for.  Keith went full-time in NWM and quickly rose to the top level of that company and earned overseas trips, company car incentive and had lots of fun and still have friends today from that experience.

Because of their Leadership within the Company, Keith was offered the opportunity to move his young family to Melbourne (3 children) to become State Co-ordinator for Swipe. One to accept challenge, Keith & Colleen moved to Melbourne (had never even visited there before). Due to the Independent Representatives nature of NWM, Keith & Colleen paid all expenses and managed their own transfer and accommodation arrangements.    After a short time in Victoria, Keith & Colleen increased the state sales volume from No 5 position to No 1 in Australia.

While living in Melbourne, Keith was approached corporately by a four year old Australian NWM company (Advanced Life Foods) to become a Member and assist their Field Director in training and product seminars Australia wide.  Once again, this was not a paid position, but commission based on results.  Keith accepted and within three years Keith & Colleen had achieved the top Member position, earning company car bonus and overseas trips.  In fact, Keith and Colleen’s team developed 10% of the entire company Member base, but accounted for as much as 40% of the company monthly sales volume.  By this time, Keith and Colleen decided to move back to Queensland so their children would spend their teenage years with family.  Initially settling back in Toowoomba and subsequently moving to Brisbane.  Keith went on to become General Manager of the company.

In more recent years, Keith has been a paid consultant within the industry.  In this role he has attended DSAA (Direct Selling Association Australia) meetings and met with the ACCC on behalf of different NWM companies. In January 2004, Keith & Colleen moved to Balranald to be closer to grandchildren and purchased a house on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River to semi-retire.

In May 2004 Keith had a phone call from a long time associate telling him about ACN. Keiths immediate reaction was “thanks, but no thanks!”  Barry was persistent and after several phone calls, Barry did the smart thing and put Keith onto a 3-way call, which added credibility to the ACN opportunity. Within a few weeks of further investigation, Keith flew to Detroit to attend a company convention and visit Head Office.  Keith met with the Founders and various ACN Reps and quickly realised that ACN was one of those exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

From a relatively remote part of Australia, Keith & Colleen have established a team of ACN Representatives Australia wide and also internationally by using the proven system of 3-Way Calling.  We invite you to become part of the WinnersWorld Team where you can, Conceive, Believe and Achieve with a group of like-minded Winners!

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Keith's 'beaut ute' for local town
and farm building projects.

View of Murrimbidgee River from front
of Keith & Colleen's house.

Keith doing his 'shift'.

Working ACN out in the paddock.

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