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International Trainers


GENERAL business building INFORMATION

Great 3 minute Piquing Video.
Use the direct link for your prospects @

Powerful Must Watch Information!
Every new and existing IBO needs to watch these three most informative and powerful Video Clips...

  • Who's Lying? (9:59 minutes)
    Are you getting honest information about MLM? Is the advice you're getting about MLM really true? Are you getting the information you need from a reliable source? Learn how to determine if the information you've been given about Network Marketing is valid.
  • Who's Getting Rich-Who's Not? (7:00 minutes)
    Want you to know who makes the most money in Network Marketing. Who really makes it to the top? Do you need to get in at the beginning to be successful? Find out for yourself who is getting rich off of MLM.
  • Do Most People Fail?  (9:59 minutes)
    Do most people fail at Network Marketing? How can MLM companies get away with claiming that everyone can succeed? Learn what you need to know to accurately estimate your chances of success.

    Powerful Strategy demonstrating how you could have 600 or more Personal Customer Points in the next 12 months by RVP Ben Watson-Brown

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