Being the Best you can be in MLM

From John Kalench, author
“Being the Best you can be in MLM”

Choosing a Company

"Right from the beginning, I recognized network marketing as an opportunity for anyone to discover what is inherently possible."

John’s criteria for evaluating a network marketing company:

  1. An established company.  Be wary of brand new start-ups with no history and no track record.
  2. A company with people in management and upline whom he could trust, who spoke the truth, and delivered on their promises.  If the management doesn't have honesty and integrity, nothing else really matters.
  3. Products that were innovative, proprietary, and added value to the end consumer.  His belief has always been that the more passionate distributors are about the genuine benefits offered by their product or service, the greater chance of their becoming successful.
  4. Look for an existing support system.  He didn't want to start building a business and also have to build the infrastructure. He wanted everything in place for his team to be free to devote their energy to being productive rather than creative.
  5. A compensation plan that was proven, that was the fairest and most rewarding compensation plan for those willing to work.

Great Wisdom in this one
Reviewer:    S. Ames ""

If you want to make money in Network Marketing you have to learn the tricks of the trade. This book gives them to you right now. A master marketer with lots of good advise. Slightly dated since it was written before the internet, but still worth every penny.

John Kalench in an inspiring expert in the field of MLM. New and experienced people in the MLM field will appreciate and welcome his practical and in-depth lay approach. I give it to all my new consultants. It does the initial training for me! I refer to it again and again for myself as well as to prepare for training on specific topics of sponsoring. All his books are an invaluable tool for anyone in this industry.

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