Conquering Fear... by Lisa Jimenez

The most popular excuse I hear from sales professionals, executives and entrepreneurs is that the fear of rejection prevents them from realizing their sales goals.

They just can't accept the reality that not everyone is going to say "yes" to their product or service. Even worse, they take it personally.

The fact is, in sales (and life overall) we receive more "no's" than "yes's". The key to success is accepting this truism and staying focused and motivated on a daily basis.

Fortunately, I have a simple remedy to this universal dilemma; a solution that promises to energize you and propel your career to incredible heights. It is time to discover and embrace the Law of Averages (L.O.A.)!

What is the law of averages you ask? L.O.A. is simply the number of "no's" it takes for you to receive a "yes". As children we learn about the Law of Averages from our experiences.

A little boy might experience L.O.A. when, after 50 swings of the bat, he finally hits the ball into centerfield. A little girl may have a similar experience, when, after years of trying out for the cheerleading team, she sees her name on the final roster.

When my daughter Auriana was old enough to tie her own shoes, I showed her how. Then I said, "Now, it will probably take you 22 tries before you can tie your shoes just right." Later in the day, she excitedly ran into my arms with a look a victory and said, "Mom, you were wrong. It only took me 13 tries!"

Teaching her about L.O.A. helped mitigate the frustration that comes with learning a new task and failing at it 13 times! The L.O.A. Principle prepares you for success in two ways. First, it helps you to acknowledge the unavoidable truth that not everyone wants or has a present need for our product or service. Accepting this virtually eliminates your frustration immediately.

The second benefit to the L.O.A. Principle is that it gives you a concrete road map to actualize your goals and focus your efforts vs. progress. Ideally, your progress should equal or exceed your efforts. The Law of Averages makes your results tangible.

When I was in direct sales, I charted my efforts vs. progress by keeping a simple record. I faithfully tracked how many people I needed to share my product with before I got the appointment, and eventually, the sale. My L.O.A. was one in ten. In other words, for each tenth prospective client I approached with my opportunity, one in that group of ten said 'yes'.

Then I took it a step further. I figured out the amount of sales I usually had for that one 'yes' (estimate how much income you'll receive from one business builder over time), divided it by ten (my efforts), and realized I earned $50.00 for every "No." When I began to focus on my efforts (to just make ten contacts), I wasn't at all affected by the rejection. I actually began to enjoy the challenge of the no's and even said, "Thanks for the $50.00" beneath my breath as I walked away from each non-threatening 'No.'

Inevitably, the "yes" came around within ten no's, and I managed to accomplish my goals frustration-free! If you are one who is fearful of rejection, then I challenge you to have more courage. You never want to miss a golden opportunity to help someone with your product or service because of your fear. As we move towards our fears, they get smaller. When you move away from them, they grow bigger. It's that simple.

Learn to accept the word 'no' and respect your prospects privilege to use it. By knowing your L.O.A. and figuring out the monetary value of each 'No' you receive, you empower yourself to overcome the obstacles that hinder success. So the next time you get a 'no', ask if you may call again in the future, thank them for their time, and then say to yourself, "Thanks for the 50 bucks!"

Ahh, the sweet sound of rejection!~~

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